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What courses are on offer ?

Currently we are offering a 'non accredited' adapted Horticulture 2 course known as 'The Horticulture Course', through DNA Training in Melbourne Australia. We will also soon be broadening course criteria to include; Carpentry, Electrical, Plumbing and Hospitality (please subscribe to our newsletter for further updates).

What is the duration of each course?

This will vary depending on the course. The Horticulture Course was based on the delivery for Hau Giang Vocational Training Centre as follows: 12 months classroom-based theory study including 4 hours Horticulture per week during the teaching term and 4 hours English study per week during the teaching term; plus 5 days of practical assessment in Vietnam mid-course and 6-weeks work in Australia after completing all horticulture theory. The students will be assessed for their horticulture skills whilst working in Australia and will be awarded a Certificate in Horticulture if they are successful.

What does the course cost for the student?

The course is expected to cost the students around $1000 AUD plus the cost of a Visa and Airfares to Australia. It is expected that the local government will provide loan facilities to students to afford these costs. In addition, the students will be paid Australian Award Wages plus a Living Away From Home Allowance when they work in Australia for 6 weeks. The money earned over this time will help cover these costs.

What qualification is obtained at course completion?

Students will gain a Certificate of Participation. This training course is adapted from the Horticulture 2 certificate by DNA Training and by the Hau Giang Vocational Training Centre.

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