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These Units have been translated into Vietnamese to create a series of bilingual documents that allows for remote teaching from Australia into Vietnam via Skype.

Students are required to complete all 15 of the Course units to attain a 'Certificate of Participation' in The Horticulture Course.

By modelling this course on an Australian accredited course, VTSEA expects that these horticulture students will gain Australian and Vietnamese accreditation in the near future.

  • - Participate in Work Health and Safely Processes
    Learn about the skills and knowledge required to recognise and report hazards in the workplace, and to follow workplace safety procedures and directions.
  • - Recognise Plants
    Learn the basics in recognising plants that are commonly found in horticultural applications. From observing characteristics and significant features of plants, to available processes and references to aid plant recognition and identification
  • - Treat weeds
    Learn how to recognise common weed species and how to apply a range of weed treatments and control measures in different situations
  • - Treating plant pests, diseases, and disorders"
    Learn how to recognise common plant pests, diseases, and disorders, determine the best treatment options, and apply treatments safely
  • - Assist with soil or growing media sampling and testing
    Learn how to collect soil or growing media samples and learn how to test its suitability for growing plants. It will cover soil texture, salinity, and pH, and how these impact on plant behaviour.
  • - Assist with pressurised irrigation operations
    Learn about assisting in the installation, operation and the maintenance of pressurised irrigation systems used in horticulture situations. From lawns to garden beds and covering both manual and automatic irrigation systems, you will also learn about the irrigation system components and the functions they perform.
  • - Operate basic machinery and equipment
    Learn the basic of operating horticultural machinery and equipment safely, from pre-start checks, operating the machinery, and shut down procedures. You will learn about the correct personal protective equipment required for the machinery operation, and the importance of the correct guarding on horticultural machinery and equipment.
  • - Undertake operational maintenance of machinery and equipment
    Learn how to prepare, carry out and complete operational maintenance on horticultural machinery and equipment. This will include basic maintenance service tasks, removal and replacement of faulty parts, fuel leaks, machinery controls and protective guarding.
  • - Plant trees and shrub
    Learn how to manually plant trees and shrubs in a garden or park setting. Learn how to prepare the site, prepare the plant or tree, and install using correct horticultural techniques. You will learn about the tools used, as well as soil amelioration, mulches, fertilisers, and tree protection techniques that could be used. When and how planting is done, and the effect of adverse climatic conditions will be covered.
  • - Prepare and maintain plant displays
    Learn how to prepare, install, and maintain a plant display. Learn how to arrange the plants for maximum effect following a planting plan. Installing plants using correct techniques, as well as watering and fertilising as required.
  • - Prune shrubs and small trees
    Learn how to prune shrubs and small trees up to 3metres in height, whilst standing on the ground. Learn about the equipment used and the correct techniques to meet horticultural standards.
  • - Renovate grassed areas
    Learn about how to renovate and undertake routine maintenance of grassed areas. Learn about the risks and hazards, soil types and soil preparation, drainage requirements, different grass species and their use, and equipment involved in the renovation of grassed areas.
  • - Support turf establishment
    Learn how to establish turf by seed, sod or by other method. Learn how to prepare the soil, learn about drainage requirements and watering requirements, as well as the specialised equipment required to complete the tasks. This module covers techniques utilised within the horticultural industry in the establishment of turfed areas.
  • - Use hand tools
    Learn about the range of hand tools that are used by the horticultural industry. You will learn what they are used for as well as how to use them correctly and safely. You will also learn about the correct maintenance and storage of the hand-held tools.
  • - Use power tools, hand-held operations"
    Learn about the powered hand-held tools used within the horticultural industry. You will learn what they are used for as well as how to use them correctly and safely. You will also learn about the correct maintenance and storage of powered hand-held tools.

Growing your future.

The Horticulture course has been derived from the Australian Certificate 2 in Horticulture.

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